La Pau, Paula Giberga
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I landed in the world on May 7, 1990, in Barcelona, ​​and between cries, four badly sung notes in the car and fingers placed any way at all on the violin, I began to make a corner for myself in this world.

At the age of nineteen I decided to escape to the south, specifically to Tarifa, without knowing that what I would find would change my life. Between its narrow white alleys, I discover that I can speak to music.

Currently, I have completed higher studies in vocal performance at ESEM Taller de Músics, I'm writting my first album, I offer singing lessons from Barcelona and also online, I work as a teacher and vocal coach at EUMES Online and I share music with my students at EMM Mataró and EMM Llavaneres.


I begin my musical adventures in Tarifa, together with Fede Fiore, opening the jam sessions at the Asociación Cultural Puertas Abiertas and Ruben Muñoz, with whom we shared the season.

Back in Catalonia, I begin my musical training at the Escola el Passatge and later at the Taller de Músics.

I meet up with Andreu Roig, a colleague and now a brother, and we decide to undertake the wonderful adventure of putting music to what moves us inside with our project, La Folie.

Since 2012, I have shared my knowledge by giving private lessons at home and working in various schools such as El Passatge, GyMúsic, EMM Cabrils, EMM Mataró and EUMES Online.


In 2015 we won the Joves Talents de Castelldefels contest, the Covers contest of the Festival Cruïlla and the Track Vendrell contest, which allowed us to record our first album Traficants de Somnis (Petits Miracles), recorded at La Casamurada and produced by Raúl del Moral.

With it, we toured Catalonia performing on dozens of stages until we entered the adventure of publishing the second album, Foliecitat (Petits Miracles, 2017), this time produced by Marc Martin and recorded between La Casamurada and La Vall studios.

In 2018, the Enderrock magazine awarded us the Enderrock Critics Award for Best Revelation Artist and we toured more than 40 stages around Catalonia.

In 2019, Com un Ocell (Petits Miracles) was released, our third album under the production of Marc Martin and we participated in the La Marató de TV3 album with Jordi Ninus.



Trying to feel comfortable with the pencil in my hand, traveling through curiosity and the willingness to order ideas, I sign up for the Ateneu Barcelonés song writing course, taught by Muriel Villanueva, in order to strengthen my role as a lyricist.

After a demo, three discs, a lot of ink, moments of introspection, messy readings, inspiring books, many ideas thrown in the trash and others quite satisfactory, I start working for other groups or artists, assessing and advising various possibilities for their lyrics, or writing them from scratch.


The synergies that are created in a recording can be revealing. After recording the second album with La Folie in Estudi La Vall, I realize that my role as an interpreter can weave many more ties and draw other realities.

Being in charge of a project has its demands, but knowing how to accompany its leader has others. Discovering myself as a chorus singer has been a great learning experience that has made me reinvent and explore my voice and dust off all those customs that had settled comfortably.


Music is, for me, a vital necessity. I express myself through it, and with it I grow. Being able to transmit this to my students is essential, and I try to do so.

I started my experience as a teacher doing some voice substitutions at Centre d’Estudis Musicals el Passatge school and giving private lessons at home. Later, I worked at the GyMúsic school in Barcelona and at the EMM Cabrils school giving classes on initiation, voice, vocal technique and musical language.

At the same time, I directed and formed the stage choir at the Brundibár opera, made up of students from the Quatre Cantons and Lluís Vives institutes in Barcelona together with the actor Robert González. A project led by Comusitària, with the collaboration of the BCN216 Orchestra and Els Pirates Teatre, which premiered at the Teatre Lliure within the programming of the Grec Festival 2017.

I am currently working as a singing and choir teacher at "EMM Mataró" and "EMM Llavaneres, the public music school in the city, and I offer online and face-to-face lessons in Barcelona as well. Additionally, I am a mentor and vocal coach at EUMES Online, offering consulting services in songwriting and vocal arrangements as well as vocal technique to face recordings and concerts..

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(I am out of work)

We demand the creation of an extraordinary benefit aimed at intermittent workers in music, and in general art and culture, that allows artists without income to face the following months without work.


(Culture is not suspended, it is postponed)

Faced with the avalanche of cancellations of cultural events due to the fragility of the creative sector, artists from all disciplines and their respective teams in all their areas of development, unite in a single demand and call for the public and private programmers and those who have the power to make the only responsible decision: #LaCulturaNoSeSuspendeSeProrroga

A people without culture is a dumb people and to preserve it we have to be able to continue creating.